The perfect resume builder

KudosWall Pro makes building your resume a breeze, whether it’s your first or your 100th.

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For College

Making life easier for Placement Officers and students

KudosWall College Dashboard makes it easier to manage your students' resumes. Review their resumes and share them with the right people. All with the resume building brains of KudosWall Pro.

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For Business

The best way to recruit new hires right from their colleges

KudosWall for Business is the perfect solution for businesses looking to recruit new hires through college placement offices. Post jobs, set your parameters, and find your next team members right from their colleges — all with no hassle.

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The best way to keep track of achievements

KudosWall allows parents, students, and educators to store and keep track of achievements, all the while building a beautiful portfolio to showcase them.

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The easiest passion-finder

Discover is an all-new tool designed to help students, parents, and educators find competitions, programs, and other opportunities.

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