3 Resume Formats to Apply for a Job

3 Resume Formats to Apply for a Job

We've already reviewed types of resumes but even within different types of resumes there are different formats that serve various purposes. For a resume that you would use to apply for a conventional job there are 3 main formats that you should consider:

  1. Reverse Chronological

    What: This type of resume lists your work history starting from the most recent. Under each position listed should be key accomplishments and responsibilities to give your future employer an idea of the type of work you have done in the past. Following the work history section is the education section. Here you list schools you've attended, GPA, and any honors received. If you are a recent graduate, it may make more sense to list your education before your work experience.

    When: Employers typically prefer this type of resume as it allows them to easily scan through your abilities and past work experience. However, from a job seeker's perspective this resume is more suitable for someone with a strong work history. Others may want to consider a different type.

  2. Functional

    What: A functional resume focuses more on the skills you have rather than your experience. While you may list a few of your experiences, the goal of this resume is to be specific and provide content pertaining to previous responsibilities and abilities gained from your experiences.

    When: This is the ideal resume for recent high school or college graduates as it focuses on what you know rather than your job experience which may be limited. Additionally, this resume is useful for a person seeking a job in a field unrelated to their past experiences.

  3. Combination

    What: This resume is a combination of the functional and chronological resume. First, you will list your skills based on experience and then simply list your job history in reverse chronological order without descriptions of responsibilities.

    When: Combination resumes are for anyone that would like to highlight their skills. They can be useful to people with a long, consistent employment history as it allows them to draw attention to their credential. These resumes are also helpful for students who want emphasize their skills rather than their limited work history. 
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