Helping Your Children Find Their Passion

Helping Your Children Find Their Passion

As a parent, you want your child to find a passion that will motivate them to work hard and will help them live a full life. But how can you help your kid find that spark? We have a few tips.

  1. Don't choose their passion for them
    Even though you might have dreams of your child becoming a concert pianist or hope that they will fall in love with coding, you can't force a passion on to your child. There is no harm in encouraging your son or daughter to try an activity that you are also interested in, but focusing on their interests above yours will help ensure that they will find their true passion.​
  2. Introduce your child to a variety of things
    Introducing your kids to various subjects will help you and them better understand what sparks their interest. Talk to your kids about what they are interested in and help them get more involved in that activity. Additionally, encourage your kids to go out of their comfort zone. For example, if they are interested in art, sign them up for a pottery class, but urge them to try a sport as well.
  3. Observe their behavior
    Be a silent observer of your child's reactions to various things. Is there a TV channel they prefer above others, is there a common subject theme in the video games they play, do they enjoy doing a certain subject of homework more than others? Guide your children to explore their interests further or help them hone a skill they already have a natural talent for.​
  4. Allow them to take non-traditional electives
    While elementary school and junior high are times for students to develop good study habits, they are also good times for your child to explore their passions. Many schools offer electives such as computer science, home economics, or band, which may take up their study hall. If your child has an interest in a subject not taught in school, junior high and elementary school are good times to sign your child up for an after school class as that is when they will have more time to explore something new.​
  5. Ask them questions
    No one will be able to offer better insight on your child's passion than your child themselves. Ask them what subjects in school they are most interested in, what sports they enjoy playing, and if they have anything they are interested in learning more about. Listen to what they have to say and help guide them in the right direction. ​
  6. Reflect on the their past proud moments
    Ask your child to reflect on their past achievements, which were their favorite experiences and proudest accomplishments? Past experiences that evoke most positive feelings are something to further pursue.

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