5 Ways To Be Prepared For The Opportunity Of Your Dreams

5 Ways To Be Prepared For The Opportunity Of Your Dreams

You never know when the right opportunity will come along. So how do you ensure you are prepared to seize the opportunity when given the chance?

  1. Stay updated
    Being up-to-date on the current information regarding the company you hope to intern at or the field you plan on joining will help you take hold of an opportunity at a moment's notice. Not only will you be ready for an interview when an opportunity arises, the ability to impress others with your knowledge can help you get an opportunity as well.

  2. Stay Curious
    Don't lose your passion for learning. By learning more about topics that interest you, you can learn skills that will prepare you for opportunities you don't even have yet. For example, learning more about web development could even help a pre-med student get their foot in the door of a small medical Family Practice looking for some help updating their website.

  3. Don't wait for opportunities to come to you
    The phrase "good things don't come to those who wait" is cliché for a reason. Use scholarship search engines, look for internships at companies you're interested in working in, send emails to professors at local universities and ask if you can research under them. You might get a lot of no's but you only need one yes to get a life-changing opportunity.

  4. Network
    Find opportunities in areas near you to attend networking events with local businesses. Ask family and friends for contacts they may have in the field you are interested in. This way, the next time a local businessman is looking for an intern, they'll think of you! Alternatively, if you are applying to a university program of which your uncle's friend is an alum, you know who to ask for more information or to possibly put a good word in for you.

  5. Be prepared to show yourself at a glance
    Always having an updated list of your experiences means always being prepared to apply to any internship, scholarship, or job opportunity that may come your way. Furthermore, you can create your own opportunities. Whether it's at a networking event or a birthday party, you never know when you're going to meet someone you want to impress with your achievements. With a digital profile, you'll have a list of your experiences at your fingertips, available to help you take on any opportunity.

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