6 Things Every High School Student Should Know

6 Things Every High School Student Should Know
  1. How to work with people you don't like
    Unfortunately working with people you don't like is not just for high school group projects. Teamwork is a vital component of a workplace environment. When you learn to set aside your differences and work with others towards a common goal, you will have a skill that will last you throughout a lifetime of unpleasant teammates.
  2. How to clean up your digital footprint
    In the age of social media, it is important to understand that anything you post online can be easily accessed by future employers or college admissions. While it is good to have privacy settings in place, always remember that there is no true privacy when it comes to the internet. It's always best to think about what you post before it's shared.
  3. How to manage your time
    These days, most busy high school students are no stranger of time management. But if you're not involved in extracurriculars, it is good to force yourself into an extra club or two. Life after high school will only get busier and it's good if you start learning how to prioritize your responsibilities.
  4. Critical thinking
    Learning how to objectively evaluate and analyze information is important skill that you will use throughout your life. When you start critical thinking in high school, you'll learn how to ask the right questions and independently expand your knowledge base as an adult.
  5. Accountability
    When you become an independent think you also need to learn how to hold yourself responsible for your actions. Hold yourself accountable to the promises you make and follow through. When you make a mistake, be upfront about it and apologise when necessary. Start holding yourself accountable to your actions now because as an adult, no one will hold you accountable for your actions except yourself.
  6. How to advocate for yourself
    Unfortunately your parents will not always be there to help you advocate for yourself. Even if they are, your college professors might not take you seriously if you walk in the room with your mother. It is important recognize and ask for what you need. Additionally, you should know your rights as a student or employee and be able to stand up for those rights.

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