After School Club, I started and the Things I learned

After School Club, I started and the Things I learned

Many moons ago, being a doctor was the profession I was going for. I felt like the medical world was for me, so naturally, I wanted to do all that I can to achieve my goals. I wanted to exemplify leadership, therefore I started a medical club at Nashua High School South. Little did I know the club would help me with finding a passion in business. 

Starting a club always requires prime marketing skills. I used multiple different ways to market my club. I had a small group of friends interested in joining. Together we made informational posters to put up in school. I also spread the word by talking to people, social media, and putting club information in the school announcements. My efforts paid off because a month later I gained 33 club members. 

The club's name is FHPA, it originally stands for Future Health Professionals of America. I have been leading it for about 6 months now, starting it in October of 2016. Even if I don't want to be a doctor anymore, I still really enjoy leading the club and what we do. So being the club founder and President, I plan activities for weekly meetings and manage my group. 

In this club, we learn and talk about chronic diseases ranging from mental disorders to cancers. Every month is an awareness month. This month (March) is Mental Health Awareness Month. I also organize activities outside of school like volunteer opportunities and fundraisers that I host. I love being able to raise money for good causes using good business skills. I also search for fundraisers that correlate with the certain awareness month so my group can participate in it, and obtain volunteer hours. We always have a blast. 

Organizing fundraisers really gave me experience in dealing with money and how to make profits. Every month I would host a fundraiser, I would give myself a goal amount of money to raise. You must market your fundraiser and really be a good business man or women in order to make profits. This club taught me that I love being a leader and business was for me. Six months later, because the club made me find out more about myself, I started my own small business selling makeup and accessories online. It's a brand new project but I am very excited about my future plans. 

Who knows, maybe if you muster up the courage to start a club at your school, you can learn more about yourself as well.

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