After School Clubs You didn't know you wanted to join

After School Clubs You didn't know you wanted to join

Junior High and High school is a good time to broaden your horizons and participate in a variety of activities. You may want to look into some of the following clubs you didn't know existed:

  1. Gaming Club
    Gaming clubs have increased in popularity over the past few years. These clubs focus on creating teams that will participate in local and national competitions. Doing well in certain games, such as League of Legends, can even land you a scholarship to college.

  2. Robotics Team
    This is another club that is also gaining popularity in high schools. In these clubs, members work with mentors to build and program robots for different purposes. Most of these clubs are involved in competitions designed by For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, also known as FIRST.

  3. Adventure Club
    With homework, Netflix, and social media all being available on your laptop or tablet, it can be easy to get lost behind a screen all day. The mission of adventure club is to plan weekly and monthly activities that will get students outdoors and out of their comfort zone. Clubs can plan a volunteering event, a trip to a National Park, a skiing adventure and many more.

  4. Foreign Book Club
    While book clubs can be found at almost every school, book clubs focused on foreign literature are unique. Reading and discussing foreign literature allows members to understand different cultures and offers a perspective on the world you may not get from novels you would usually choose to read.

  5. Foreign Cooking Club
    A variation of a foreign language club, just like reading foreign literature, experiencing foreign cooking offers insight into other cultures. When making a new recipe, members can also learn the history of the dish and country it originates from.

  6. The Club you Create
    Don't find a club with the activity you want at your school? Make one! Usually it's a simple process that only requires finding a faculty member to supervise, a statement of purpose for your club, and a few starting members. 
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