Attend Your Dream College Before You Even Graduate High School

Attend Your Dream College Before You Even Graduate High School

Most students don't associate summer with school, however, attending a college academic program can not only improve your qualifications for college admission but will let you experience a bit of college life as well.

What kind of programs are out there? Here's a list:

Programs focused on Arts and Communication
Programs like Colombia College High School Summer Institute and the Indiana University High School Journalism School allow students to improve skills such as writing, drawing, and photo editing. Programs such as these also allow you to make connections with professionals in the field and professors who can help you in the college admission process.
Other programs under this category: New York Film Academy, Rhode Island School of Design,

Programs focused on Culture and Diversity
Today's workplaces, schools, and communities consist of people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Therefore, there is a great need for an understanding of cultures. Concordia Language Villages immerse students into different cultures while allowing them to learn new languages. Programs like Carnegie Mellon's program for diversity allow people to take academically focused classes with people from around the world.

Math and Science Programs
There are a lot of programs focused on furthering your math and science skills with classes at college level difficulty. Taking such rigorous classes will show you as a dedicated and hard-working candidate to any university you plan on applying to. A few of the programs available include University of Chicago's Young Scholars Program, the National Youth Science Camp and Mathcamp. (*Note: not all of these programs are at a university)

Pre-college enrichment programs
The main focus of most summer programs is to give students a taste of what it's like to be a college student. You will attend a mini-course load of classes while living on campus. These programs often include meetings with college admission advisors who will help you on your journey to your dream school. Such programs are offered by schools like University of Pennsylvania, Tufts University, and by the Telluride Association

Summer Study is a great website to connect you to different pre-college programs. 

How do you apply to these programs?

Much like colleges, many pre-college programs have an extensive application process to attend. Programs will ask for things like an essay, letters of recommendation, your GPA and past experience. KudosWall is a great tool to have on hand during the pre-college and college admission process. Sign up for an account today.
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