Choosing A Future Career

Choosing A Future Career

Many students have no idea what career path they would like to follow when they are older. According to, a study revealed that 45% of high schoolers do not know what career they want. The thought can be daunting when trying to decide what path may be best for you. What if you do not want to be a lawyer half way through law school? What if you lose interest working as a doctor when you are older? These questions plague the minds of some unsure high school students, which make choosing a future career difficult.

My first piece of advice: money should not be your only motivation to pursue a career. The age old saying "money doesn't buy happiness" was said for a reason. If you are more interested in art, choosing a career as a health professional just for the yearly salary may not be the smartest move. Maybe look for careers involving your passion of art, like being a graphic designer. Any of your current interests can be found in a career path, you just need to do your research. When you are in the midst of deciding, ask yourself, "Would I like to do this job if, in an alternate universe, I did not get paid to do it?" Your answer should bring you closer to realizing what you may want to do with your life. Whatever you love now can be integrated into your career as well.

If you still do not know your interests or passions as a high schooler, try new activities at school and see what you like the most. Go to a guidance counselor and ask about the school clubs or sports your school has. It is never too late to figure out what you love to do. After you do find out what your passions are, you can go from there to try and choose a career option.

Try to gain some sort of experience with certain career choices you are curious about. You can do this through high school internship programs or volunteering. For example, if you are stuck between the choices of working as a doctor or a lawyer, apply for internships at a law firm and volunteer at the hospital. With exposure in a field, you are really doing yourself a favor. From there you can choose what feels like the best option for you.

At the end of the day, the objective is to be happy. Finding out what you want to be is a tough and life changing decision. You can be whoever you want to be if you put your mind to the task. Good luck!

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