High School Senior's February Checklist

High School Senior's February Checklist

Your last year of high school is a busy time. Between your extracurriculars and with finals coming up it can be hard to keep up with everything. Making a checklist of things that need to be done and when they should be done by is a great way to stay organized. Here are a few things that should be on it this month:

Reply to early decisions
If you've received an early decision from a school, chances are the deadline to accept the decision is coming up (if it hasn't already passed).

Follow up with applications
Follow up with colleges that you didn't submit early decisions form. By now, you should have a confirmation from them that they've received all of your information. If you haven't gotten a confirmation, reach out to the colleges to see what information they are waiting for.

Look into financial aid and scholarships
If you've submitted a FAFSA application, you should be receiving your financial aid award soon. Be sure to look it over to make sure all the information is correct. Furthermore, check on the status of any other scholarship applications you have submitted. You may need to look for and apply to other scholarships at this time.

Keep Track of Acceptance Deadlines
Look out for acceptance letters in the mail or via email and keep track of when decisions need to be submitted. Don't worry too much if you haven't received any acceptance letters yet, it's still early!

Send Updated Transcripts
Make sure that your school has sent updated transcripts that include your fall semester grades. These can play an important part in your acceptance if you are on the border of their GPA requirement.

Get yourself off the waitlist
If you've already heard back from a school and have been waitlisted, there are might be a few things you can do to get accepted. Some schools will allow you to send an updated resume with any new notable achievements that would help make their decisions easier.

Get ready for AP tests
Even if you've already accepted an offer from a college, you're not done quite yet! Make sure to sign up and study for AP tests to receive college credit. Don't forget to have your scores sent to your future university, as well.

KudosWall wishes you lots of luck with your last year of high school!

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