How I found my passion and how you can too

How I found my passion and how you can too

Nobody has everything figured out from the start. Luckily while you are in school, you have a place to seek out what interests you the most.

When it comes to finding your passion, there are numerous possibilities. You could end up loving to snowboard, feeling like the king of the world while on the snowy slopes. Or you may feel that expressing yourself as an artist is the way to go. The process can be overwhelming with so many options. It may be daunting to figure out what you specifically like to do. Finding a passion can be a journey which lasts a lifetime for some.

The first step of this journey is to go ahead and try activities that you are curious about. Join a couple clubs at school, or try a sport. It is best to try multiple activities in middle school. That way you can see what you like the most to focus on in highschool. Doing so will give you a higher chance of becoming really good at an activity. This will make you prone to gaining leadership positions. For example, you could become an editor of your high school newspaper. Or you could become a team captain on the wrestling team. These roles make your applications stand out. Having leadership positions or getting good at one specific activity is more impressive to put in your handy Kudoswall portfolio.

Remember, when it comes to getting better at something, practice makes perfect. The age old saying is said by your grandparents for a reason.

Out of numerous activities I did in middle school I stuck with writing in high school. Writing was always a way for me to relax after school. I would choose a topic, and then write away for hours everyday. All of my journals are still underneath my bed. During my sophomore year, my teacher recommended me to write for the school newspaper. I wrote articles every week because I love to write. In the middle of my junior year I was promoted to being an editor. I started writing for the Nashua Telegraph this year as well. Writing is a phenomenal activity that I will never let go.

With the right guidance, you too can find what makes you happy.

Reach for the stars the possibilities for you are endless.

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