How KudosWall is helping

How KudosWall is helping

The Education Dept. of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua is pleased to be working with KudosWall, especially collaborating in a future release of the program -- one which mirrors the organizational structures of traditional Boys & Girls Clubs, and other 501c3 organizations.
This enables us to bring the power of KudosWall to the thousands of our club members, to be able to showcase their achievements and growth -- while at the same time enabling us to display the educational offerings of our club.
We see this as a way to organically teach our members about resumes, at a deep level, but more importantly to keep them aware of moving forward to their goals, and especially seeing that the more they are involved with new opportunities -- the more possibilities they will have to learn and to achieve.
So, as an educator of 20+ years, presenting my club members with a tool they can, day by day, live their life with -- and then step back and see their growth -- is powerful.

Charles Wm Collinson
Clubhouse Education Director
May 12, 2016

Keep Track Of My Achievements
With Kudoswall, I can keep track of my achievements throughout my educational career while having fun. I'm constantly on the move, so having a quick and convenient place to post my successes is essential to making sure that I don't leave anything in the dust.

Tabor French

Convenient Resume
As a student who will be looking towards applying to colleges soon, KudosWall is exactly what I need! It saves all of my accomplishments and extracurriculars in a convenient resume, so that when the time comes to write my application, I will be prepared!

Fiona Doyle
KudosWall Featured In NH's Live Free & Start
KudosWall Is One Of The Finalists For TechOut 2016

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