How To Use Your Summer To Get Ahead

How To Use Your Summer To Get Ahead

You love to dance, play basketball, and you wish you could learn more about space. But with your busy class schedule it's hard to dedicate enough time to excel at your extracurricular activities. Why not use your summer to get ahead? Here are a few programs that might interest you:

Dance Camps

Whether your interest lies in modern dance, ballet, hip-hop or even West-African there is a dance camp or intensive out there that will help you develop your skills. Some such programs are offered by Interlochen Center for the Arts and UCLA. More programs under this category include the Colorado Ballet's summer camp, and one offered by University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Remember that many of these programs will require an in-person audition in addition to their applications.

Music Programs

A summer music program will give you the opportunity to improve your musical ability and in some cases earn college credit. Whether you are interested in ameliorating your band, choir, orchestra, harp, jazz, or composition skills there's a program for those things and more. New York University, Wesleyan University, and Blue Lakes Fine Arts Camp all offer residential summer music programs. The aforementioned Interlochen Center for the Arts provides musical programs as well. Not all of the applications for the summer 2017 programs are open, but these websites provide more information so you can be prepared when applications do open.

Theater Programs

Whether you are hoping to make it to the big stage in the future or simply enjoy expressing yourself through acting, attending a theater program is right for you. Ithaca College, Rutgers University, and New York University can all help you succeed with their summer acting programs. These programs also go through a variety of improvisation and audition tips that will be useful if you plan to pursue acting professionally.

Athletic Programs

Why not spend your staying in shape and getting ready for the next basketball, football, baseball, or hockey season? There are a lot of athletic summer camps to choose from so in this article we'll focus on narrowing them down. Companies like United States Sports Camps aim to connect high schoolers with summer camps for a variety of sports. The College Baseball Camps website contains information about more than 100 baseball camps offered by universities. You might also consider checking your local university for any sports camps they may offer. 

Astronomy or Space Camp

If you have a passion for the stars or space you may find yourself at home at one of the following programs over the summer. You can attend Astronomy Camp in Arizona, or learn at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Space Camp is also a great experience for high schoolers to further advance their knowledge of space and provides networking and important credentials for anyone hoping to have a career as a space explorer.

How to Apply?

Extracurricular summer programs usually focus on your past extracurricular participation and achievement during your application process. KudosWall is an important tool that you will need during the application process.

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