I wish my parents….

I wish my parents….

I wish my parents….

…made me go out of my comfort zone.

People are creatures of habit but when we get too comfortable we become fearful of trying new things. Additionally, staying close to your comfort zone prevents you from fostering your ability to be flexible and adaptable to new situations. Encouraging your child to join an activity outside of what they are accustomed to will not only help them be more well-rounded but will also make them more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

…didn't push me so hard

While it's important to push kids to do their best, there should be a point of satisfaction. It's good to encourage your child to do even better than their best, but always asking for more from your child can illicit feelings of self-doubt and low self-confidence, ameliorating a student's motivation to try. Don't forget to stop and let your son or daughter know that you are proud of their accomplishments and the hard work they are putting in to achieve them.

….pushed me harder

Pressuring your children is a double-edged sword, on one hand you don't want to push them too hard but you also want to encourage them to work their hardest and achieve their full potential. Oftentimes kids are unable to understand the importance of getting good test scores or prioritizing studying over other activities. These are the times a parent's guidance is needed the most. Although children will resent your efforts at the time, when they get older your kids will thank you for pushing them to put their full effort into their classes.

…were more involved in my activities

According to the Child Development Institute, there are numerous benefits of having an involved parent, including increased cognitive development and better academic performance. In between your responsibility at work and home it may be difficult to find time to get involved in your child's activities, but there are plenty of options for a parent to help out based on their availability. In the future, both you and your kid will be thankful for the time you were able to spend together during these activities.

…taught me a second language

There are many benefits of being multilingual, including increased cognitive development and a competitive edge in career choices. Whether you are able to teach your son or daughter a language at home or send them to a class, helping your child learn a second language will be something they will definitely thank you for in the future.

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