The Story Behind KudosWall

The Story Behind KudosWall

About two years ago my wife and I were pleasantly surprised to discover that our son, Nikhil, had won second place in a poster contest to stand up to bullying.

We drove about 90 miles, and took the entire day off from our full time jobs, to go to his award ceremony. While traveling back I reflected on how proud I was of my son. Through his poster, Nikhil had chosen to take a stand against bullying and as a parent, I wanted to do something that would allow him to remember his accomplishment and encourage him to continue to stand behind his message as he got older.

Being a kid in this generation involves more than simply going to school, students these days are experiencing many successes in and out of the classroom. I believe that these accomplishments and the lessons learned from them should be preserved. This thought, a proud parent's simple desire to preserve their child's accomplishments, was the inspiration for KudosWall, a platform for creating a portfolio of proud moments just like Nikhil's.

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