Summer Volunteer Programs That Turn Admission Officers' Heads

Summer Volunteer Programs That Turn Admission Officers' Heads

It's the first day of summer. You roll out of bed at 10am, grab a box of cereal and spend the rest of your day eating while watching movies on Netflix. You promise that you'll do something important tomorrow, but this is how you end up spending the next two and a half months of summer.

Don't let this be your summer. Explore some of the following volunteer summer programs and have a chance to have a meaningful summer full of diverse experiences.

Local Opportunities

Food banks

Organizations like Feeding America can connect you to one of their food banks in your area in need of volunteers. A simple Google search can also connect you with local food banks that always need volunteers to help restock food and check expiration dates. 

Animal Shelters

Who doesn't love playing with sweet animals? Local animal shelters are always looking for volunteers to walk and socialize dogs and cats, clean cages, and answer phones. You can find shelters near you using Petfinder's shelter list.

Forest Preserves

Look at your local forest preserve district website for volunteering opportunities that will allow you to get out in nature. You can gain experience educating children, removing invasive species and learning about the local flora and fauna in your community.

Fundraise or have a supply drive

Does your local food bank need more boxed rice? Does your homeless shelter need more blankets? Maybe your friend was just diagnosed with cancer and you want to do something to help. Take initiative and start a local drive or fundraiser to contribute to your community.

Opportunities Abroad

Attend a build

Many organizations coordinate the building of houses for those in poor living conditions. One such organization is Habitat for Humanity. A quick search on their website will connect you to events locally, in other states and overseas

Community development and conservation

Groups like Global Vision International have projects for sustainable solutions to global issues. They expose volunteers to new experiences and a different perspective of the world. Their opportunities range from volunteer programs to internships and chances for career development. 

Connect with a variety of programs

Websites like Go Overseas can connect you to an assortment of programs abroad with different institutions. You can even specify where you'd like to go and what you would like to do. 

There are many other websites such as VolunteerMatch.Org and that can connect you to even more opportunities.

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