Three things I do to avoid procrastination

Three things I do to avoid procrastination

Being the best student you can possibly be is what impresses colleges. Productivity and hard work are key aspects to achieving this persona. Don't let procrastination get in the way on your path to success.

1.  Plan what you need to do ahead of time with rewards

Make a To-do list of every studious task you need to complete, including deadlines. Time management can really help you stay on top of the game. Every single time you cross one activity off the list, reward yourself. Rewarding yourself can involve anything you would look forward to. For example, tell yourself only after you finish your history essay you are allowed to go out to your favorite restaurant with some friends. This method gives you the motivation to complete all your work first before you go on to pushing it aside.The feeling of guilt is not worth it. This tip will give you any extra motivation you may be missing. The reason why we procrastinate in the first place is the lack of motivation.

2. Keep your goals in mind. Trust me, it helps

Physically write down your academic goals anywhere you can refer back to them over and over. This way you will always keep them in mind. You may really want to get an A in Calculus, but if you procrastinate doing your math homework, you will not truly understand the concepts. Physically write your goal anywhere where you can look back to it every day. You are less likely to put off your Calc homework if you keep your goals in mind.

3. Find a quiet place to do your work alone, and turn off your phone

Turning off your cell phone can keep you from engaging in mindless tasks like scrolling through Facebook, or chatting with your friends. Mainly a way to avoid procrastinating is to be focused on the task you are given. According to The Kaiser Family Foundation study, where 2,000 people between the ages of 8 to 18 were followed, teens spend more than 7 hours a day consuming media. This includes messaging, social media, and listening to music. That is 7 hours you could be doing your work while being focused. Without distractions, you will be able to put the most effort into any task.

Using these methods to avoid procrastination has helped me as a junior in high school. I have been more productive in school ever since I have been using these wonderful lifesaving methods. Hopefully, you can also take them into consideration to benefit your academic life as a student.

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