Time Management in High School & Beyond

Time Management in High School & Beyond

If your options are having a social life, getting enough sleep, and good grades and you can only pick two, which would you choose? Between extracurriculars, school, friends and family, this is a real life dilemma for most student these days. While it can be hard to juggle everything, there are a few time management strategies that will help you keep balance.

Keys to successful time management include self awareness and the ability to set specific, quantifiable and attainable goals. A specific and quantifiable goal will tell you what you are specifically doing and for how long. For example, "Read and take notes on 1 chapter of U.S. history in 45 minutes". It also takes self awareness to ensure that the goal you set for yourself is attainable. Don't promise yourself that you will study 3 hours of chemistry in one night when you know you do not have that much time to dedicate to one subject, or that you're not capable of focusing for that long.

Planning is crucial when it comes to time management. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Whether you prefer to use a digital calendar on your phone or laptop, or a notebook planner it is important to create an outline of what you plan to accomplish during the week. Write down your assignment due dates and extracurricular activities. Rank each event by priority and block out your study and break times based on that. The more you practice planning, the better you will get at it.

Another important component of time management is being flexible. While it is nice to have a plan, life is unpredictable. Whether it's because you're sick, get a new project assigned, or need to help a family member or friend, going off plan is ok and sometimes necessary. What is not ok, is letting a change in plans overwhelm you. Remember there are things out of your control and no amount of planning can change that.

No matter how many things you have on your plate, it is always important to take care of yourself. Try your best to view every task you're doing with positivity. Find ways to socialize with your friends, even if it has to be in a study group. Plan some relaxation time every day to do something you enjoy. Your health and well-being is a priority above all-else. While you should always push yourself to do your best, don't push yourself to your breaking point.

We know you're busy. Give yourself one less thing to worry about and use the tools to track your memories, achievements, and awards.

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