What Colleges Want You To Do This Summer ☀️🕶

What Colleges Want You To Do This Summer ☀️🕶

With college admission becoming more competitive, students are almost required to have experiences outside of the classroom. Admission officers look for well-rounded students who will add a set of diverse interests and qualities to their incoming class. Summer break is a 12 week period that offers time for students to learn new skills, grow, and have meaningful experiences outside of a classroom.

What types of activities do colleges want you to do in the summer? Here are 5 suggestions. (We will be expanding on these suggestions and providing links to opportunities in future posts, so keep an eye out!)

  1. Volunteer
    Whether you choose to volunteer at your local library, a food bank, or even go abroad, there will be many benefits of your experience. By committing your summer to one or two volunteer experiences you will expose yourself to a diversity of people and circumstances. Dedicating time to volunteer shows to colleges that you have a commitment to serving your community.

  2. Attend a pre-college program
    Pre-college programs are often academically rigorous, but they give you a chance to experience a taste of college life. During these programs you stay on a college campus and interact with university professors, giving you valuable contacts and a taste of college life. Successfully completing a pre-college program shows to admission officers that you are ready to take on a college course load.

  3. Get a job
    Volunteering abroad or attending pre-college programs can be costly and admission officers will never hold it against you for not being able to afford those opportunities. Spending your summer working at a local store will not only help you save up for college, but will show universities that you are reliable, a hard worker and have a good work ethic.

  4. Intern
    Internships allow you to get hands-on experience in fields that you may wish to pursue one day. Many companies have internship programs, but don't be afraid to contact local businesses and ask about their internship opportunities. Internship experience will help you build a network of contacts and will show universities that you have thought about the field you would like to go into.

  5. Take a class
    Yes, you read right. While it may not sound appealing to spend your summer vacation back in a classroom, your break from school is a good time to learn more about something you are interested in. Taking a computer science class or getting a CPR certification can give you skills that will allow you to advance your skills or acquire new ones.

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