Why All College Applicants Should Have A Resume

Why All College Applicants Should Have A Resume

The college application process is multifaceted and difficult. Having a prepared resume or portfolio is one of the best ways to help yourself have a smooth application process. Here's how it'll help:

The Application itself→ College applications all have one thing in common: they start out blank. Having your resume by your side will save you time when filling out your application and ensure that you don't forget to record any of your important accomplishments. Additionally, having a portfolio with examples of your past work can help inspire you when completing essay questions. Some applications will ask even ask you to submit a resume.

The Interview→ If allowed, handing a resume to your admissions interviewer can be a great way to create talking points. Make sure to be prepared to expand on your experiences and be able to explain the impact they had on you in greater detail than you provided on your resume. Even if your interviewer doesn't look at your resume during your interview, it may be placed in your file for future reference.

Letters of Recommendation→ Your evaluator will most likely already have a strong impression of you, but only from the experiences you have had with them. Providing them with a resume can help remind them of your other strengths that they may have forgotten, or give them more insight into you as a person.

Scholarships→ Just as it will help with your college application, having a prepared resume or portfolio will make the process of applying to scholarships a lot smoother as well. Furthermore, with thousands of different scholarships available to students it can be hard to keep track of deadlines. Being prepared with a resume means that you will be able to apply to an opportunity at a moment's notice. Many scholarship applications are also very likely to ask for a resume.

Jobs or Internships→ If you're looking to apply to a job right out of a high school or while you're in college, a college resume can be easily adapted for job applications.

Foundation for the Future→ Creating a resume now, is practice for the many that you will be required to create during your college career and beyond. It can serve as a template for a resume you will use at your first job fair, and in the future can be collapsed down to provide the background in the next resume.

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