Why lead when you can follow?

Why lead when you can follow?

Why lead when you can follow? Afterall, being a leader is a lot of work. Plus, trying to assume a position of leadership puts you in a vulnerable position; what if you don't make it? Is it really worth the rejection? Well, I'm here to give you a few reasons you should be a leader, not a follower.

  1. Develop Communication Skills
    Being a leader often means addressing large groups of people, allowing you to work on your public speaking skills. A student leader also needs to be able to speak with and connect to a diverse group of people. The ability to speak eloquently and with confidence is a skill that you will reap benefits from long after high school.
  2. Learn How to Problem Solve
    Student leaders are put into situations that other students aren't. You will learn how to be creative and think on your feet if a member doesn't do their part or if a fundraising plan doesn't work out. Additionally, you will need to be a diplomat and peer mediator and solve conflicts between the members of your group.
  3. Opportunity to network
    As the head of a club or team you will likely have the responsibility to communicate with many people that other students might not have the chance of interacting with. For example, you might need to talk to school administrators, work with leaders of other clubs or even be able to speak with other high-profile figures. This will provide you with a valuable opportunity to build a network with a variety of personal and professional contacts.
  4. Learn how to Manage Your Time
    As a student leader you will have to learn how to balance school and other extracurriculars on top of your obligations as a leader. Your experience as a leader will teach you how to multitask, an ability you will need in the future when you have a job and other life responsibilities to take care of.
  5. Be in a position to make a change
    While anyone can make a change, being a leader puts you in the best position to do so. As a leader you have the ability and resources to put your ideas into action. 
  6. Pad your Portfolio
    While this shouldn't be your sole reason for pursuing a leadership position, it is a nice side-benefit. Future schools, scholarship committees, and employers see student leaders as individuals who take initiative. Previous leadership experience will make your resume stand out and is also a great talking point during interviews.

There's nothing wrong with being a follower, but why be a follower when being a leader will let you learn and grow in ways that will help you succeed in the future?

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