John Appleseed

Hi! My name is John and I am currently a junior in high school. My interests include swimming, basketball, politics, and playing the guitar. I participate in robotics and am an honor roll student

John Appleseed

  • 1st Place - Debate Competition
  • John Appleseed

    December 10th 2018 - November 29th 2019

    1st Place - Debate Competition

    I won 1st place novice division at St. Paul’s Debate.

  • Started the Ted Ed club in my school
  • John Appleseed

    December 11th 2017

    Started the Ted Ed club in my school

    I started Ted Ed club in my school as advised by mentor at 501C(3), our dean took a note of it and sent an appreciation letter to me.

  • Organized Cyber Citizen Security Hackathon
  • John Appleseed

    November 16th 2018

    Organized Cyber Citizen Security Hackathon

    This hackathon was arranged by our city to weed out any security vulnerabilities in the applications used by city. I am grateful for the opportunity to recruit talent from local schools and organize the event successfully.

Volunteering hours : 0
  • 20 Under 20 Award for community service
  • John Appleseed

    December 16th 2018

    20 Under 20 Award for community service

    Every year 20 students who are under 20 recognized for outstanding achievements and community service. I am thankful for this recognition.

  • Nice Day on the Beach
  • John Appleseed

    October 22nd 2018 - December 24th 2018

    Nice Day on the Beach

    This Art work is done in the art class I take out of the school, I like this for the theme and the work.

  • Mountains
  • John Appleseed

    August 18th 2019 - October 13th 2019


    Painted this over a period of 4 weeks for my Art Portfolio. Used pastels for this piece.


Ed Carter

September 15th 2016

Dear Sir,

I have coached John for more than 3 years during his high school. He has demonstrated wonderful initiative and a positive attitude. Both qualities have made him a valuable member of our swim team. It is with pride that I recommend him for your scholarship.

In addition to being a valuable team member, John also helped me to coach junior students at various clubs as a service.

John's attitude, application of effort and innovative spirit will make him a very eligible candidate for the scholarship. Please do not hesitate to call me if you'd like more information about this recommendation.

Most Sincerely,
Ed Carter
Ph# 603-XXX-XXXX

Test Scores

SAT:  1150

SAT Math Level 2:  690

SAT Chinese With Listening:  770