John Appleseed

Hi! My name is John and I am currently a junior in high school. My interests include swimming, basketball, politics, and playing the guitar. I participate in robotics and am an honor roll student

John Appleseed

  • Produced a Product Explainer Video for KudosWall
  • John Appleseed

    December 15th 2019

    Produced a Product Explainer Video for KudosWall

    Participated in the Product Explainer Video challenge by KudosWall, a local education technology company.…

  • 3rd Place, City Youth Arts Contest
  • John Appleseed

    March 12th 2020

    3rd Place, City Youth Arts Contest

    I won 3rd place in City Youth Arts Contest.

  • Nice Day on the Beach
  • John Appleseed

    December 30th 2018

    Nice Day on the Beach

    This Art work is done in the art class I take out of the school, I like this for the theme and the work.


Ed Carter

September 15th 2016

Dear Sir,

I have coached John for more than 3 years during his high school. He has demonstrated wonderful initiative and a positive attitude. Both qualities have made him a valuable member of our swim team. It is with pride that I recommend him for your scholarship.

In addition to being a valuable team member, John also helped me to coach junior students at various clubs as a service.

John's attitude, application of effort and innovative spirit will make him a very eligible candidate for the scholarship. Please do not hesitate to call me if you'd like more information about this recommendation.

Most Sincerely,
Ed Carter
Ph# 603-XXX-XXXX

Test Scores

SAT:  1150

SAT Math Level 2:  690

SAT Chinese With Listening:  770

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