Stand Out By ShowcasingYour Personality

Learn how to leverage your unique personality traits to earn an acceptance letter.

  • The college admissions process is complex and hard to navigate -- and it’s not getting any simpler. In fact, universities are starting to assess other aspects outside of grades and test scores.

  • For instance, Columbia University reviews their applicants by looking at aspects like character and personality through their ‘holistic’ admissions process.

  • The hardest part for applicants is standing out from the competition. But does this focus on personality and character create more opportunities to shine? Does this process favor students with a certain personality type, such as being an extrovert?

  • Our survey found good news: Both introverted and extroverted applicants can stand out through certain aspects of the college admissions process.

  • We asked 500 academic admissions professionals to share insights on how they perceive applicants who have introvert traits and those who show extrovert traits. Questions revolved around aspects of the application, such as college resumes, admissions essays, and online portfolios.

  • Our report, Making the Grade: A Look At How Personality Impacts College Admissions, presents research from this survey and offers takeaways for students who want to showcase their personality.

Download the full report to learn:

  • What aspects admissions professionals look at to evaluate personality and character

  • How extroverts can best present their traits in the admissions process

  • Where introverts have the best opportunities to highlight their unique traits

  • The next steps you can take to show admission professionals why you’re a great fit.